Every month The Master Actor offers 40, one-hour, live and interactive lessons via Zoom. In each lesson, one of the 10 Fundamental Principles is isolated, thoroughly defined and explained before each member applies the principle in real time to an assigned scene. Afterward, the work is intensively reviewed and discussed, and all questions are answered.

Studying each principle individually leads to a greater depth, clarity and understanding of the craft in a much shorter period of time than conventional acting training.

It takes 11 one-hour Lessons to teach the 10 Fundamental Principles of Acting.

The Principle of Character has been broken down into three individual Lessons in order to cover it thoroughly. Beats & Tactics are studied together in one Lesson because they work hand in hand with one another.

Each Lesson has its own Worksheet that can be downloaded on the Worksheets Page.

Each Lesson is taught a minimum of three times per month so members may go at their own pace. All 40 Lessons per month are available to members. Take all 40 or as many lessons that you feel will benefit you the most.

It is essential as an actor to be exposed to and to read a wide variety of material, so every month a new full-length play and feature-length screenplay with characters of various ethnicities, gender, sexual orientation, and age ranges will be used for analysis in each Lesson. Every member is expected to read the play and screenplay of the month.

The material will be listed a minimum of two weeks prior to the start of each month. The plays can be purchased online and film scripts are available for free download.

Below is the list of Lessons:
(click on any lesson for a description and lesson times)

1. Given Circumstances
2. Character (Backstory)
3. Character (Super Objective)
4. Character (Qualities)
5. Objective
6. Obstacles
7. Beats & Tactics
8. Emotion
9. Relationship
10. Personalization
11. Letting Go

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Upcoming Lesson Dates

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“What is important to me is not the truth outside myself, but the truth within myself”

– Konstantin Stanislavski