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Every month The Master Actor offers 40, one-hour, live and interactive lessons via Zoom. In each lesson, one of the 10 Fundamental Principles is isolated, thoroughly defined and explained before each member applies the principle in real time to an assigned scene. Afterward, the work is intensively reviewed and discussed, and all questions are answered.

The Master Actor is open to actors of all levels who have a passion for learning the craft of acting and a desire to do their greatest work. All 40 live and interactive lessons are available via Zoom for $99 per month.


*Learn a powerful, step-by-step method of role preparation that can be used on every single role you will ever play.

*Feel true confidence, joy and freedom in your preparation and performances.

*Learn how to create three-dimensional, textured characters and prepare to give specific, nuanced and dynamic performances.

*Gain mastery of your craft in a much shorter period of time than conventional acting training.

*Learn the craft of acting without the impediments of dogma and personal ideology.

*Get world class training from the safety of your own home.

*Full ability to customize your learning schedule to fit your individual needs.

“The actor creates with his own flesh and blood all those things which all the arts try in someway to describe.”

– Lee Strasberg