Welcome to The Master Actor, a virtual home where actors learn a simple yet incredibly powerful method of role preparation, using the 10 Fundamental Principles of Acting, that empowers you to do your greatest work and become a master of your craft.

Most acting schools spend little to no time teaching the art of role preparation and script analysis. Very often, actors are told this vital process is homework and are left to tackle this important work with no guidance or clear process. This leaves actors feeling disempowered, confused and unable to do their best work.

The Master Actor seeks to empower actors and bring joy and clarity back to their work. The 10 Fundamental Principles of Acting gives you complete command of your craft, enabling you to give textured, specific, and dynamic performances. These principles can be applied to every single role you will ever play taking all of the guesswork out of your acting work and lead you to your greatest expression – as well as true confidence, fulfillment, and freedom.

Every month The Master Actor offers 40, one-hour, live and interactive lessons via Zoom. In each lesson, one of the 10 Fundamental Principles is isolated and thoroughly defined and explained before each member applies the principle in real time to an assigned scene. Afterward, the work is intensively reviewed and discussed, and all questions are answered.

Studying each principle individually leads to a greater depth, clarity and understanding of the craft in a much shorter period of time than conventional acting training.

The Master Actor is a home for beginner, intermediate and advanced actors who have a passionate desire to reach their highest potential by becoming masters of their craft.